As the population of Lamu Archipelago and its reliance on single-use plastics continues to grow, the waste problem within Lamu is only expected to worsen. It is all too common to see mounds of rubbish piled up throughout the archipelago with no alternative solution. 

At present, there is no efficient waste management system anywhere in the archipelago. Currently, waste is dumped anywhere that is deemed suitable by local communities and either left to rot, is burnt or, on rare occasions, is collected by the county. However, when waste is collected by the county it is simply taken to a larger unmanaged dumpsite on the back of Lamu Island.  

Recyclable plastics, glass and metal are left to pile up with other waste materials. However, when this kind of waste is managed it can support a new industry within the Lamu archipelago and create vital jobs.  

Solid Waste Management grants

  • Fanya Safi Waste Coalition

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