Fanya Safi Waste Coalition

£15,000 awarded

Fanya Safi means to make clean in Kiswahili the local language. That’s exactly what this coalition of three community-based organisations intends to do – make Lamu clean! 

The Fanya Safi Waste Coalition aims to build the capacity of existing community-based waste management organisations. The aim is to streamline waste collections and encourage recycling by ensuring all recyclable materials are properly disposed of. This can then kickstart a new recycling industry on Lamu Island. 

On Lamu, there is no established waste management system. This has meant community organisations Takataka Heroes (TTH), Shela Environmental Residents Group (SERG) and Manda Taka Project (MTP) have stepped in to fill the gap. These groups have been working independently to collect and manage waste for years. They are now coming together to build synergy and promote economies of scale within an environmentally sensitive area. 

The idea of the project is to work to each of the organisation’s strengths to create a self-sustaining waste management project. The coalition aims to engage with local communities through regular community clean-ups, plastic buybacks, and increased household collections. By doing this, waste generation will reduce and fewer waste materials will flow into the ocean. 

The coalition is also working to create a first of its kind circular economy recycling industry in Lamu. Plastics will be processed and remade into new items to ‘close the loop’. In doing this sustainable jobs and training opportunities will be available to communities that will build economic capacity and raise further awareness of the possibilities of sustainable employment from environmental protection.