LEF practices a community-centred conservation approach by supporting locally-led conservation projects to improve the environment and support communities.

We know that to create sustainable environmental conservation projects, community stakeholders must be at the centre. That’s why in all the projects we support there is always an element of community capacity building. Either in the form of greater environmental education, capacity building of institutions and organisations or income generating projects.

Through strengthening community capacity, we can play a part in the creation of the next generation of environmental champions and create resilient communities in the face of climate change.

To do this, LEF focuses on all aspects of conservation including but not limited to; restoring mangrove and terrestrial forests, conserving seagrass beds, protecting coral reefs, restoring land, supporting innovation in sustainable waste management and continuing support for environmental education and the creation of sustainable livelihoods that will directly benefit communities. 

See below for more information on our thematic areas: