Lamu Environment Foundation

Who We Are

Lamu Environment Foundation (LEF) was established in 2021 and raises funds from individuals and businesses to support grassroots environmental and conservation projects across Lamu County, Kenya.

Lamu County on the Northern Coast of Kenya boasts over 130km of coastline and varied ecosystems, including, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, coral reefs, vast forests, savannahs hosting wildlife including lions, giraffes, buffalo, leopard, zebra and an archipelago of over 60 islands. This combination of beautiful natural landscapes, varied species and diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems makes Lamu a key tourist destination.

However, the area is not without its environmental, social and humanitarian issues including increasing human-wildlife conflict, drought, land degradation and the constant threat of violent extremism. Combined, these threats and the opportunity for increased tourism highlight the need to protect, preserve and restore Lamu’s environment.


LEF supports grassroots, locally-led conservation projects to achieve the following:

Protect, preserve and restore the environment

Support communities’ transition towards more sustainable living

Raise awareness of the importance of the environment

Increasing sustainable environmentally led industries to create more sustainable livelihoods

To achieve our mission, LEF supports projects focused on the following thematic areas;

Solid waste management

Mangrove Conservation

Marine conservation

Land regeneration and restoration

Continuing environmental education and sustainable livelihoods

All projects, are community designed and led contributing to sustainable impact and an engaged and aware network of community actors.

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