Environmental Education for Female Youth – Final Report

This project aimed to make female youth aware of their individual impact on the environment. The project worked with 4 schools on Pate Island to provide an environmental awareness curriculum delivered over the course of 6 months. The aim of the curriculum was to provide future generations with the education needed to inform decisions with regards to purchases, community actions, employment and enterprises.  

Project Length

6 months (there were delays due to changes in the school calendar and curriculum due to ongoing school closures from the COVID-19 pandemic) 

Problem Statement 

Lack of awareness of the importance of environment and the impact humans have on it in Lamu East is the root challenge of all environmental and climate action effort. Education and empowerment aren’t only necessary, but an essential part in creating an inclusive climate change resilient community. It is of the utmost importance that awareness and employment activities start at with the youth and their parents. By starting environmental education at the primary and high-school level future generations will be better placed and inspired to fight for climate justice talks.  

Project Summary 

Sisters 4 Change aim to deliver an environmental awareness curriculum through the following activities; 

  • Workshops with school environmental clubs 
  • Tree planting 
  • Waste management awareness 
  • Community awareness on climate change 
  • Clean up days 

To deliver this, Sisters 4 Change is working with 4 schools on Pate Island and partnering with local CSOs to reach the community. 


The objectives of this project are; 

  • Strengthen environmental clubs existing within schools to ensure the sustainability of education and awareness after the project has ended 
  • Enhance the role of women within climate justice actions 
  • Raise awareness within communities of the impact that is caused by people on the environment that surrounds them  
  • Provide female youth and communities with awareness of income generating activities that positively affect the environment 

Project Outcomes and Impact 

The following are the reported outcomes from Sisters 4 Change; 

  • Trained 120 female youths in four schools to understand environmental issues and how we can collectively conserve the environment 
  • Strengthened environment clubs in the schools to ensure the sustainability of education and awareness after the project has ended. 
  • Enhanced the role of women within climate justice actions. 
  • Created 4 plastic dumping sites which led to a reduction of littering around the compounds. 
  • 350 trees were planted by the students which brought a positive impact and attitude towards tree cover by the students in the school.
  • Engaged 150 community members mostly female youths representing different organisations to understand the implications of not having a clean environment. 
  • Participants agreed to be ambassadors of change and educate the community on environmental issues. 
  • BMU representatives agreed to come up with modalities on how to keep the ocean and the landing site clean from waste disposals. 
  • Local administrations agreed to educate the community during chief barazas to stop waste disposal in the ocean. 

Sisters 4 Change believe that the lasting impact will be that it has encouraged the community – especially women – to get involved in matter of Climate change and pollution. They also believe that the knowledge and training they shared will spread across other communities too.