Lamu Environment’s 2-Year Report

The Lamu Environment Foundation 2-Year Report is here! 

We’re proud to present our first two-year report, marking a significant milestone in our mission to protect and preserve Lamu County. The report reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. We highlight the tangible impact achieved through various projects, from community-based conservation efforts to educational programs aimed at raising environmental awareness. 

We take immense pride in the positive outcomes detailed in the report, such as the collection of over 50 tonnes of plastics from Lamu’s beaches, to providing training in regenerative agriculture to over 50 individuals, we’re supporting the community to become more resilient to climate change.  

The document serves as a testament to the collective dedication of local communities, showcasing their collaborative efforts to preserve Lamu’s unique biodiversity. As we celebrate the achievements outlined in this report, we look forward to building upon this work and furthering our vision of creating a sustainable and thriving environment for years to come.