Quintessentially Travel Partnership

We are very excited to announce a new sustainable travel partnership with Quintessentially Travel. Quintessentially Travel will donate 10% of the cost of every holiday booked to Kenya to the Lamu Environment Foundation and have pledged to support some of our other Conservation Collective partner foundations.

Quintessentially Travel creates unique travel experiences that go beyond expectations to make sure you make the most of every second spent on your trip. As sustainable travel is at the heart of Quintessentially Travel, they have pledged support to Lamu Environment Foundation with a donation for every trip that is planned for Kenya.

They have chosen to work with us to ensure funds get to the most effective environmental initiatives across the region. Their generous donation will help us to continue supporting local organisations and initiatives to conserve, protect and restore the Lamu Archipelago.

So if you’re looking to plan a trip to Kenya or Lamu in the future – or even tomorrow – be sure to go through Quintessentially Travel so they can craft a tailor-made trip especially to your specifications!