How the arts can influence behaviour change

In July, S.A.F.E. Kenya and Lamu Arts and Theatre Alliance will be starting their project ‘Using the arts to educate, inspire and empower communities to build resilience against climate change’.

The project will begin with the groups brainstorming and creating multiple plays to dramatize how climate change is affecting communities. These will then be performed in front of the many communities on Pate Island later this year.

This isn’t the first time that S.A.F.E. Kenya has used the arts in this way to raise awareness about climate change. Their previous project ‘Gangavasi’ ran for five years in fishing villages in Kwale County.

While many may be unsure how the arts can influence behaviour to make changes and build resilience, today we are sharing the Gangavsi Theory of Change and its impact so far.

Please have a read, get inspired and be hopeful of similar or even greater changes happening in Lamu!