Main Grant Criteria


    – Applications for funding from the Lamu Environment Foundation should fit into one of the Fund’s key focus areas outlined in our Areas of Interest: solid waste management, mangrove protection, marine conservation, land regeneration and restoration and continuing education and providing alternative incomes.

    – Proposals should be presented in a concise, narrative form, without extensive documentation; they should be clear and compelling, with the objective to create measurable and sustainable long-term results.

    All projects must have long-term sustainability in mind – consider these key questions: What will the effects of running this project be on the community and environment after the project has ended? How can the work that was begun or continued in this project carry on after the project has ended?

    Nature regeneration must be a key outcome of the project – consider these key questions: How will the project positively affect nature? How will you be able to measure the positive impact on nature from this project?

    – The project must demonstrate positive community, local, or national impact – consider these questions: How will you measure the positive impact of your project on the community? How can this project benefit the community in the long term?

    All projects must complete monthly activity and budget reporting – templates will be provided by LEF to assist.

    Applicant Details

    This section clearly and concisely summarizes the request. It should provide the reader with a framework that will help them visualise the project.

    This section describes the applicant organisation and its qualifications for funding, credibility, track record and references. This section should demonstrate that it is the best organisation to carry out the proposed project, with the means and the imagination to solve the problem or meet the need.

    If the proposal includes paying experts to offer technical assistance, please include a short biography on the experts, including their professional qualifications.

    This section should address the specific problem area or need for which assistance is being sought. Information based on objective research should be provided to justify the need or problem. The issue of concern should fall into one of the LEF's areas of concern.

    Issue of Concern*

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    This section should detail the outcomes from the use of the grant in measurable terms.
    Provide a clear description of what the organisation hopes to accomplish, the nature and community benefits and how it aims to sustain the objectives and outcomes after the project has ended.
    As a minimum answer these key questions: What will this project achieve, who will it benefit, how will it benefit the environment, how can the benefits extend beyond the project duration?

    This section should describe the activities to be conducted to achieve the desired objectives including the rationale for choosing a particular approach. How do you expect to achieve your outcomes?
    A concise plan of activities is desirable.

    The proposal must name the person who is the lead person in charge of the implementation of the project.

    Answer the question of how you will measure the impact of your project on the environment and the community and how the activities are taking you towards your desired outcomes?
    Bear in mind that monthly activity and budgeting reports are expected – LEF will provide templates.

    This section should detail the costs to be met by the funding source and where applicable, those to be provided for by other parties. Outline both administrative and programme costs.

    For projects above $7500 performance/output-based budgeting is preferred. This means that funding is to continue based on performance and adherence to the grant agreement. Please reflect this by creating a clear payment schedule where the project can be reviewed, and further funding granted throughout the course of the project.

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